Press Stackers

G 1    Stobb PI Brick Stacker                                                              
G 2    Portec 90 Degree Flow Turn,  excellent condition    
G 3    RIMA Bump Turn
G 4    Stobb PB Stacker Bundler w/pneumatics.  Reconditioned w/new pneumatic actuator w/foot
          pedal & DC controller
G 5    RIMA RS-2510 Compensating Stacker
G 6    Gammerler Stream Separator, Model SM-211, K5455   
G 7    Stobb PBX Stacker Bundler with Strapper 
G 8    RIMA RS-30 Compensating Stacker
G 9    STI OL-150 Stacker Bundler, with transfer table and StraPack Strapper
G10    Baldwin DHIL drumless Stacker Bundler with Dynaric Strapper       

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