About Us

Graphic Machine Sales, Inc. is a Dealer/Broker of used web presses and auxiliary equipment. James Anzelmo is President and has been active in the Heatset and Non-Heatset printing industries for over thirty-five years.
He served a ten year term as a member of the Supplier advisory Board of Printing Industries of America and was for fifteen years a member of the Industry Advisory Committee of the School of Printing Management and Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology.
He was President of the Cary Company in Barrington, IL and developed the first harmonic drive for web press applications, the first stackable flying pasters for high speed newspaper presses, the first to convert goss community press to heatset, and the first to develop a vertical dryer to complement 4 high towers.
The Cary Company manufactured infeeds, web guides, chillstands, silicone applicators, flying imprinters and ribbon decks. The Cary Co, is now Jardis Industries in Itasca, IL.